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Earthtrust is a public platform for companies and organizations to prove their claims through radical transparency, data and documentation. The claim is Earthtrust’s foundational building block. The claim and all documentation to support it is public on Earthtrust’s platform. Anyone, anywhere can review the claim, data and documentation and form their own opinion as to whether the claim is true.

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Below is a list of three active claims made by bold companies wanting to help fight climate change and social inequality

Apella Advisors

Apella Advisors is a business advisory firm that helps organisations grow and succeed by making changes for the better.
Apella Advisors believe that a clear purpose is the guiding principle behind compelling strategy. And, when it is embedded into organisations, it can create an exceptional and sustainable reputation.
Apella Advisors is committed to immediate, credible action on their climate impact. They transparently report their annual greenhouse gas emissions annually, with the support of Pond Foundation. Having previously invested in carbon removal credits (CRC) to become lifetime carbon zero, Apella Advisors buys CRCs based on the findings of their annual GHG report to be annual carbon zero and remain lifetime carbon zero.

Durrell Rewild Carbon

Coming Soon

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is an international charity, headquartered at Jersey Zoo in the Channel Islands, working to save species from extinction.
Rewild Carbon is Durrell's wild, colourful and impactful carbon balancing programme. We reduce carbon in the atmosphere by rewilding threatened ecosystems which are rich in wildlife.
The project aims to restore forest corridors which will provide an essential lifeline for threatened species and over time will absorb carbon from the atmosphere. It also aims to provide sustainable livelihoods for local people, who are the true guardians of the forest.


Coming Soon

Ricehouse began its journey as a startup in 2016 with the goal of creating a positive impact on society by promoting responsible change. Tiziana Monterisi, co-founder and CEO, through her twenty years of architectural experience set up this project together with Alessio Colombo, geologist, COO and co-founder.
Through research and development, Ricehouse found that rice agricultural by-products could be used very effectively in construction materials, achieving excellent strength and thermal advantages.
Ricehouse found a use for the carbon-rich by-products of rice agriculture, protecting the carbon that was sequestered by the rice during photosynthesis from being re-released into the atmosphere, and locking it inside construction materials which will last for 50-100 years.

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Read why we decided to start Earthtrust, the problem we see in the world and understand the product we are building.

What is Earthtrust?

Earthturst is a public platform for companies and organizations to verify their claims through radical transparency. Companies and organizations share documentation and data on Earthtrust’s platform to support their claims. Anyone, anywhere can view the claim, data and documentation and form their own view as to whether the claim is verified.

Why are we building Earthtrust

Earthtrust exists to help those who do good things to verify that and then do more. It’s about creating a positive impact by creating confidence in a world grown cynical through greenwashing.

Earthtrust stands against greenwashing. So many great companies and organizations can’t get customers, staff or the backing they need or simply can’t survive because those resources are captured by others who don’t walk the talk but have big marketing budgets to tell fine stories. Right now, there is no way, beyond conflicted and expensive certification processes, to prove social and environmental credentials. Earthtrust provides an alternative through radically transparent verification. Earthtrust gives great companies and organizations, who are doing great work, the chance to stand apart from the crowd.

The problem we see

Companies, customers, investors, donors, employees, consumers and latterly, governments are increasingly interested in socially and environmentally conscious practices. With the world facing so many environmental and social issues, many feel a great urgency to contribute whatever and wherever they can to make a positive impact and to improve social and environmental outcomes. They don’t want greenwashers to win. Do I buy this product or that? Do I invest here, or there? Do I work for here, or there?

There are so many opportunities to invest scarce time and resources but where to put them? Greenwashing creates uncertainty that undermines trust. Labels and certification processes aren’t the answer after so many cases where investigations have proven false claims. This all leads to inaction because there is a justified fear of being duped that only deepens climate, environmental and social crises.

What if there was a different way?

Earthtrust’s radically transparent verification platform aims to grow trust and credibility that can drive opportunitiy to those who truly do create a positive impact. Businesses and organizations that truly do good should get more customers, more competent workers, more investment. On Earthtrust, they share the evidence to support their claims so any interested party can see it and make their own decision around whether it’s to be trusted; there’s no need to just swallow a logo. With this, great initiatives can stand clear of the crowd by proving their real impact.

Our solution today

We are building Earthtrust platform v1.0. It is an online model that will allow an organization or a company to define a claim and transparently share data and documentation to prove it. We are partnering with bold Pond Foundation member companies and partners who believe in the Earthtrust vision and are ready to build this new, radically transparent verification model to create trust and scale impact.

Earthtrust longer term

We will grow Earthtrust into an open, independent platform for anyone - companies, investors, customers and organizations - to state a claim and then prove it by transparently sharing data and documentation. Just being on Earthtrust will be seen as a stamp of open, honest readiness for real scrutiny through transparency. “I’m on Earthtrust“ will be a mark of strong credibility going forward. It will show you have nothing to hide.

We will add features to support independent, multi-layer verification through onground checks by local verifiers, satellite and AI monitoring, trusted financial information and an independent verification network of experts who will share their opinions on whether, in their opinion, a claim is verified. Our aim is to create a dialogue around claims so that people can share advice on how to improve onground results and thus improve social and environmental outcomes through radical transparency backed by cooperation and respectful dialogue.


This is our team.

Scott Poynton
Magnus Edvard Nielsen
Yoram Ben Zvi
Adrian Corneliu Prelipcean
Zoltán Tran

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